Blood, sweat and tears

Things I encounter and learn while at university and beginning my career....

Moving on, moving up

So uni has been finished and done for 7 months now - and somehow I managed to pass with a 2.1 (yay).

After spending a summer indulging myself in all things non-horsey and generally having a relaxing time planning adventures around the world, none of which have come to pass, I managed to get myself a job in Sussex. The job is pretty awesome - it’s a mixture of being a farm-hand, and a groom/rider. The farm side consists of pure bred Texel sheep, some commercial ewes and the new addition of rabbit sheep (can’t remember their proper names but they look like rabbits!). We also have a herd of cows and 4 pigs ( one of which is in pig and we are awaiting the arrival of her babies). 

Now on to the yard side of the job. With a total of 25 horses dotted around the place there is always plenty to do, whether it be running around the fields trying to sort their winter rugs out, or having a wrestle with them over who is the one meant to be being hosed! Of the 25 total we have 7 in full work, 6 of which are being prepared for the coming eventing season, the last a very handsome and gentlemanly hunter. Aside from the day to day care of the horses I am lucky enough to be trusted with the schooling and competing of the majority of the horses. 

After the joys of the Christmas holidays all the horses have been feeling rather fresh the past few days, however hopefully I have managed to get on top of this as we are taking three of them show jumping tomorrow, 2 of the younger horses and one newly arrived. Fingers crossed they all behave and tomorrow is successful! 


-still 10000 words left to write of dissertation

-2 presentations 

-5000 words in two separate essays to go



baking a cake, fajitas and housework - all terribly important things to distract me from my dissertation! :D

There is NOTHING more boring or confusing than statistics. Currently have my head stuck in a book trying to understand the theory behind tests for association and how this applies to accepting or rejecting hypothesis. 

On a brighter happier note…this week I have bought, 2 dresses, 1 top and 1 pair of shoes <3 

Also seen Mearkat and the girls from the yard, lots of gossip about the old yard and the delightful people that are working there…

Feel like sailing away on a boat into the middle of the ocean, 27 days till I’m free (Y)